Brewing Unseens is an epistemological quest about humans’ relationship with the unseen across systems of knowledge. Multiple disciplines and paradigms of knowledge and practice have long sought to conceptualize and maintain relationships with an unseen, often conceived as God, the universe, the subconscious, or other forms of the metaphysical. Initially an academic anthropological research at the University of Oxford, the project has evolved to propose a fluid exploration of and conversation with the unseen, free from epistemological classifications, hence suggesting a form of un-disciplinarity. 

The meditative coffee cup reading exercise seeks to generate a subjective and intimate vision of the unseen. It is an attempted cross pollination of diverse traditions that purport to unveil the unseen, notably tasseography (divination through the reading of coffee grounds) rooted in ilham or inspiration from the universe, and Jungian psychoanalysis's active imagination rooted in the subconsciousness of the psyche.
By combining these frameworks, meditative coffee cup reading offers a unique and emotive encounter with the unknown, one that transcends traditional boundaries of knowledge and time.

The meditative coffee cup reading sessions and accompanying installations stand as an invitation to affectively, sensorially, and un-disciplinarily interact with overlapping visions, temporalities, and patterns of the unseen.
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