We invite Lebanese or Lebanon-based artists to submit a proposal for a site-specific durational performance or a choreography piece. 

1- Performers must explore the physical and mental limits of the body, or 

2- Explore concepts of time, memory, history and their impact on the individuals and communities.

The performance must push boundaries, provoke thought and engage with the audience. We welcome works that have not been shown recently and that engage with the street.

Each artist can upload up to 2 proposals. Collaborations are accepted and encouraged.

Deadline to submit: MARCH 30, 23:59 Beirut time.

Works will be selected by a jury, and chosen artists will be notified accordingly.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/K5DYxRg8vcKUxavA6


The performance will take place in the first half of May and will run for an agreed amount of days, allowing for flexibility in scheduling.

Takeover will cover production fees up to 200$ (at our space we have 1 small projector, 2 bluetooth speakers, 1 pair of bluetooth headphones and 40 concrete blocks should you need them)

Proposals should include supporting materials such as the concept, technical requirements, duration of the performance, and any special considerations


The selected artist will receive an artist fee of $600 at the end of the show.

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