Opening in the first week of April, “Pas si éphémère que ça” will take place in our space for two weeks, showcasing a series of flowers frozen in ice blocks and photographed by Sherine Geagea.

This dual intervention from the artist was inspired by how resurrectional flowers were in her life, at a time when her past, present and future were being called into question. Her work puts Time on hold and Beauty on ice, in a floral onirism where Hope is born from the perfection we find in Nature.

After all, are flowers really that ephemeral?

Sherine Geagea, a Franco-Lebanese artist born in Beirut, studied French literature at the Sorbonne in Paris before returning to Lebanon in 1996. She became the editor-in-chief and artistic director of Lebanon's first French-Language women's magazine, before dedicating herself entirely to her personal photography practice.

Her photographs are a playground of materials and colorful compositions. She explores the codes between being an artist and a still-life photographer, where the challenge lies in capturing and composing with the living. In 2019, the importance of the women in her family and the desire to pay tribute to them led her to create Maison Titus, a space where artistic expression is honored, blending memory and amusement. Surrounded by the feminine spirits of the place, one can discover a selection of artworks, textiles, and decorative objects. Embracing the daring spirit of Maison Titus also means seeking solace in a lively environment where one can create their own experiences through events, dinners, and soirées, aiming to foster an atmosphere that feels like home.

Open everyday except Sunday from 1 to 7pm

insta: @shisholabomba


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