“Les Hautes Sensibilités” or “High Sensitivities” is a film project on a possible impossibility by Karine Wehbé 

“Through 25 years of personal archives of post-war Lebanon, I try to recount a linear development through a succession of events which never cease to interrupt the plot. This film is a work-in-progress, a work which may or may not be carried out.

GS, one of the first consultants, says that building a film is like having a certain desire, whence thoughts, images, places and actors flow, until the time comes to edit the images and sounds in order to make the actual film. Then comes the screening.

I would work on one scene, one idea per day. Plotting a visual urban geography and associating dialogues with it through two fictional and constantly evolving characters, I try to have a feel for the city, which constitutes the main setting of the film. There will be 25 years; made up of different meetings, facts, stories and departures.”

- KW

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