In Tending to Abundance - a durational performance by Lori Kharpoutlian and Elie Mouhanna

Sayfiye Aesthetics - Libaniz Niche

Headspace for III

Our space since July 2023

Tug of War - a performance by Laetitia Hakim & Tarek Haddad

Verses و Surfaces - group show by Gigi, Sally Kastoun and Shatr Collective

Les Hautes Sensibilités - work-in-progress by Karine Wehbé (photo: Tanya Traboulsi)

In the name of the Father - a solo show by Michel el Hachem

Game of Life - work-in-progress by Alaa Mansour

Bound Narratives - a photobook library

LAMSA - an exhibition of crochet

Abdo Shanan book signing of DRY

The Space until July 2023

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